10 golden rules of losing fat

alright, so you want to loose some body weight to get leaner? here are some rules


1. eat healthy, unprocessed food

yes everyone will tell you to eat healthy, i bet you know it too already. this is very important too loose fat and keep your body functions stable. if you are trying to loose weight without eating healthy( which is basically eating all kinds of crap only eating less amount of it) you will get burned out.


eating healthy is  is eating a proper amount of (healthy) nutrition which is carbs, fats, and  proteins. most unhealthy food contains a unbalanced amount of nutrition which makes it harder to loose weight in a healthy way. for example lets take chips. it contains high amount of fats ( mostly unhealthy fats). lets break it down!


100 grams of chips contains 27 gr fat 64 gr cabs. 9 gr protein and contains 565 KCAL which is A lot for 100 grams of chips

it contains 565 kcal and isn’t much at all is it?

eating chips will not get you a good amount of valuable nutrition since you wont need this much of fat because you are trying to loose fat and the 55 grams of carbs wont help you either unless your going to burn 270 kcal in less then 1 hour


100 grams of chicken  with 76 grams of whole grain bread with  40 grams of tomatoes and 15 grams of onions.

100 gr chicken 110 kcal

76 gr whole grain bread 180 kcal

40 gr tomatoes 7,2 kcal

15 gr onions 4,8 kcal


211 grams of food (302 kcal) , 24 gr protein. 46 gr (slow)carbs 3 gr  healthy fats

when you avoid fats you get huge amount of food for low amount of kcal. not a bad deal right?


2 train your body!

in order to make loosing fat easier, you have to train. by training you will burn more calories and get your body in shape. and because training your body burns a a lot of  energy you get to eat more! also you will feel a lot better when you train because your body will produce hormones such as endorphin and testosterone. these hormones will cause your body to grow and make you feel rested (happy)


3 avoid ( sugars) carbs as much as possible

carbs are not bad for you, no doubt. but eating to much of it will cause you to gain weight. after eating carbs, your body will  produce high amount of energy by making glucose. these will deliver very high amount of energy which is good if your are use it afterwards by intensive training( which requires a lot of fast energy). but if your not going to use it as soon as possible, your body will turn it in to fat( slow energy) which is a bad deal. also if you eat carbs that are based on sugars, your blood sugar will reach high levels very fast and once you stop eating you will get very hungry.


but by all means don’t try to eat no carbs. you need carbs, just try to eat lesser of it and don’t eat too much sugars and foods like spaghetti, and whole wheat bread. those can be easily missed on a healthy diet


3 eat 6 small meals

no you need to eat exactly 6 meals, it can be 5, 6, 8 or even 100. by doing this you will able to keep your metabolism constant which will cause you  burn fat constantly during entire day. also if you keep enough space between the meals, you will spark your metabolism. this will cause you to digest your food a little bit faster which will cause you to burn a little bit more fat.

4 eat lesser calories then you need

if you eat healthy but a lot but healthy you will still gain weight and not loose fat at all. you need to eat lesser calories in a day then you need. this is called cutting. i am not going too far into this. i wrote an article about this check it out to learn more http://abeautifulbody.blogspot.nl/2013/10/everything-about-loosing-fat.html


5 dont eat before you sleep!

for those that are trying to loose fat for some time know this. don’t eat before you sleep. especially don’t eat fats and carbs. this will cause you to get fat because, during your sleep, your body will start to restore itself. and if your eating nutrition like fats and carbs it will get stored in as body fat. if you are going to eat something before you sleep( like when you just came from training) you should eat high protein foods. this will speed up the repairing process of your body en your muscles. but this is if you are trying to gain muscle. if you are trying to loose fat you shouldn’t eat 3 to 4 hours before you sleep


6 speed up your metabolism

yes this is possible. there are actually some types of food that will burn more energy than they contain. think as if it is salt( katalysator ). your food tastes good. but to make the taste even stronger , you add salt to it.

foods that speed up your metabolism are:

green tea


raspberry ketones

keep in mind that these foods will increase your metabolism . they are most effective during a intensive training and right after waking up when your metabolism gets activated



7 take a walk! ( cardio )

in order to loose fat faster, you have to do some cardio. doing cardio will keep your heart rate high which makes your body pump more blood around your body. this will increase your metabolism rate and eventually burn more fat. there are various types of cardio. some are high intensive which will burn more fat but also might burn some muscle. although this is most favored type of cardio because you will also burn a lot of carbs which makes you body burn even more fat. this type of cardio is most favored by athletes which are up to building functional muscle.


there is also slow paced cardio. this type of cardio will increase your heart rate slightly. this will cause you to burn mostly fat and almost no muscle and carbs. this type of cardio is most favored by bodybuilders since they want to loose the muscle that they have gained over the years. they also don’t care much about the functionality of their muscle as much as athletes

8 don’t skip breakfast!

breakfast is very important. it is the meal of the day. by having a breakfast you will start up you metabolism( just like and engine by pressing start) and have proper amount of energy during the whole day. remember that having a fast metabolism will produce more energy( by burning up fat). this will cause you to function better and not feel tired all the day. also for people that want to preserve as much muscle as possible, is breakfast crucial. by having a breakfast you will speed up restoring your muscles.

9 obey your thirst!( drink water)

in order to loose fat… you have to drink A LOT of water. drinking  water will cleanse your body from waste products( fats and such) of your body. think about sweating for instance. also by drinking lots of water before eating will cause your body to digest faster. you will also not make as much fat cells as you would by not drinking  water.


drinking water during training will increase your performance by 10 % and your body will restore faster after a high intensive training.


water is a natural product of your body and it wont be harmful by refreshing it, just like changing the oil of your car once in while.


10 keep a record

this is a weird but a good one. keep a record of changes in your body like how long you can run before you are tired , how much your weight has changed within a month and how strong you have got. why is this important? let me tell you with a story


when i started for the first time by going to the gym. my weight was 85 kg with 25 % body fat and 58 kg muscle mass. after training for 30 months i went to the gym and got my statistics again. i was still 85 kg which i was quite upset about.i thought i haven’t made any progress at all until i got my body fat % and my muscle mass. i was 85 kg yes, but this time i had 18% body fat( which is about 2 kilos of fat) and 60 kg muscle. suddenly i was so happy and motivated that i started to train even harder. every time at the end of the month i would see how much fat i had lost and how much muscle i had gain. when i stopped seeing results , i changed the way i train and the way i ate. this way you can see weather your diet and training works for you.


after a while i stopped training at a gym and bought a scale that shows me how much body fat and muscle mass i had. this way i could keep track of my body every day. they are not expensive really if you haven’t got one and you are serious about it you should buy it too !




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