even though it is pretty simple to understand how to gain muscle people still believe in some myths that makes it harder to gain muscle. so lets clear them up.

you  wont gain any muscle by eating unhealthy.

wrong! you will make muscle as long as you eat more then you need in a day. the only thing is, you will gain more fat than you gain muscle. you will also gain a lot of fat which will make you chubby. but be sure of one thing: if you eat more in a day then you need you will gain muscle for sure… but also fat.

in order to gain muscle  you need to eat a lot of protein

yes if you want to gain more muscle in  faster time you need protein. but you shouldn’t put too much emphasis on it. gaining muscle is all about calorie in> calorie out. eating lots of protein is just a great way to gain muscle in a faster rate. so don’t think that you wont gain any muscle if you missed a high protein meal in a day. also don’t think eating a lot of protein will only make muscle. if you eat too much protein in a day you will get fat as well! remember too much of any is unhealthy.

doing cardio is bad for you if you try to build muscle.

absolutely not. doing cardio will increase your heart rate, give you energy and make you fit in longer term. doing some cardio is never bad, in fact you always do cardio like walking to gym, going to a super market and so on. just try to avoid high intensive cardio. although it isn’t bad, it doesn’t have much positive effect on building muscle.

always pick up heavy weights

no way. before you start to pick up heavy weights on an exercise , concentrate on your form. they way you execute an exercise is far more important than the weight. so before you pick up some heavy weights, get a light weight and do huge amounts of reps with the proper form as warm up. once you are done pick up the heavy weights and do the real work. but don’t just pick up the heaviest weight right from the beginning

so there you have it!


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