eating after training

often people are confused  by when they should eat, after the training or before the training. this is not a difficult question yet people still not know what happens when they eat before training and what happens after it. there is a good reason for this and that reason is the motive of your training. are you trying to loose fat or gain weight?


eating before training.

if you eat before you are going to train , you should eat an hour or 2 before it. this way your body will have some time to digest and give you high amount of energy during training. this is mostly used for people that are trying to gain muscle. by having high amount of energy, your body will be able to perform better. you will be able to lift heavier and last much longer then usual. this way you will also get a better workout. the meal you eat should be high protein and carbs and not so much fat in fact no fat at all. this is because you need high value of fast energy(carbs) with muscle stimulating nutrition( protein)


eating before training is also used by people that are trying to loose fat. eating a lot of food wont have any benefit at all if you trying to loose fat but by eating before training your body will have enough energy so you can perform better during your training. this is the main reason for you to eat before training. the things that you should eat before training if you want to loose fat is mainly protein and very low carbs and fats. you dont need carbs because you don’t need fast energy because you want to use slow energy( fats) so that you can loose fat. you need the protein so that you can preserve as much muscle as possible.


eating before training

wel this is great, after you had a good training and you are tried, you just pick up a healthy sandwich and relax while eating it. yet it has its pros and cons. eating after your training will make sure that your body gets what it needs. your body will also immediately use it to restore itself. so if you eat right after training your muscles, your muscle will start to restore itself. your body will basically become a sponge , absorbing everything you eat. it is recommended to eat a lot of carbs and even more protein if you are trying to gain weight. carbs will increase your insulin and the protein will restore strength in your muscles


if you trying to loose fat, it is a different story. you shouldn’t eat after training for at least 3 hours. this way your body will use energy from your body( fat) to maintain your body which will cause you to loose fat.if you trying to loose fat and preserve your muscle you must eat something especially after lifting weights. if you just did cardio, you don’t have to eat and you shouldn’t eat in order to loose fat. but if you trying to preserve your muscle, you have to eat a lot of slow protein and no carbs or fats at all..eating carbs and fats  will break your fat loss state .


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