everything about cutting

Cutting is the other side of the coin. it is the ying of yang, the right of left and for some hardest part of their body transformation. by cutting , people often mean that they are trying to get lean ( for most loosing fat) without loosing any muscle. this is the biggest and hardest problem of getting lean: loosing muscle mass. once you have a goal as getting lean, loosing a lot of fat, you will also loose muscle weather you like it or not. this is because during cutting your calorie intake changes. during bulking we have explained that in other to gain mass your calorie intake must be

 ==> calorie  in > calorie out(caloric surplus).

 when you start cutting it is the exact opposite

==> calorie in < calorie out(caloric deficit).


if you follow this concept you will loose fat for sure. remember fat contains most stored energy in your body. once you are in caloric deficit your body will try to maintain its energy levels. since you don’t have any energy left to burn from the food you ate, your body will start burning fat cells in order to spike your energy levels. this will cause you to burn a lot of fat. but in my opinions burning fat is not a problem if you can control your hunger and your hunger cravings. it is mostly the muscle you loose which is the problem. during your cutting you loose muscle.. period. but luckily there is way to make sure you loose as less muscle as possible. HOW? it is very simple to say … but very hard to do… EAT HEALTHY.

“haha no problem i eat healthy already.i am eating a lot of vegetables and i am not eating any processed food,  this should be no problem” -a person.

if you think like this… i am afraid your not gonna get what you want from your body. there is no “eating healthy”. eating healthy is a very big concept and is often mistaken by eating things that people deem healthy, but we will discuss this on a different topic.


in order to preserve as much muscle as possible, you have to eat a lot of proteins within a caloric deficit. this way your body will maintain your muscles and burn fat in a longer term. so during  your cut , you need a increased protein intake.

 also you will have to avoid unhealthy fats as much as possible. about carbs the opinions vary. some people say you should avoid carbs as much as possible during your cut. some say it doesn’t matter how much carbs you take as long as your in caloric deficit. well both are kind of true, your body will start to burn more stored energy ( fat) when you eat lesser carbs but this will cause you to feel often tired and fatigued. eating normal amount of carbs will cause you to have more energy so you can last longer without eating.



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