everything about food and nutrition!

as you may know there are various types of food. each type of food has various calories in it. calories are a term of how much energy you need to warm up 1 gram of water. calories are also found in your body as stored energy (fat).


there are 3 types of nutrition’s in food


carbon hydrates(carbs)                                   1 gram of carbs contains 4 kcal

protein                                                         1 gram of proteine contains 4 kcal

fats                                                                1 gram of fat contains 9 kcal

– saturated fats


all of these nutrition’s have a different effect on your body and they also have different energy levels. here is a basic view for every type nutrition.


carbs: carbs are a great source of fast energy. they dont contain much energy per gram but they get digested the fastest in your body. many people that train will always  take some amount of carbs before they train so that their body has enough energy to perform better.there are various sorts of carbs. most carbs are to be found in natural products like vegetables and fruit. vegetables like potatoes contain high amount of carbs in the form sugar. sugars are the fastest sort of carbs.it contains alot of calories and is easier to convert to glucose.




this is a very important source of energy for your body. proteines are a must have if you want to build muscle. they are the reason that your body gets repaired. think about it like this:

your body is damaged and needs to be repaired. proteines are the repairman that repair your muscle and fix the damaged areas. this way our damaged muscles will filled with proteines and result in more mass

great sources of proteine are: milk, meat , fish, eggs.



fats are body’s best way to to store energy. you body uses fat as energy when you haven’t hot enough calories in a day or when you do low intensity exercises and work that doesn’t require fast energy’s such as carbs. fats are also your body’s “cloak” against diseases and bacterias. you more amount of fat you have ob you body the more resistance you have against illness. but your body can also have too much fat witch has different effects on your body. you will be faster out of breath, you will be less fit, and above all you will lesser vitality. the good amount of fat for a female body is around 12 to 18 percent and for male body’s its 8 to 15 percent


fats can be also separated to good and bad fats.good fats are fats gained from natural products and used without any kind of artificial mixture. saturated fats ( bad fats) are fats that have been manipulated by people to make foods last longer and tasty. they have a bad effect on your cholesterol and makes loosing body fat even harder then it is. make sure you avoid these fats as much as possible




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