everything about loosing fat!

unfortunately…it doesn’t work that way

here we will discuss everything about loosing fat and how to get lean.

fats are  high value of energy that are stored in your body. your body saves fats so that it can use it in times of needs . like times where you have nothing to eat. people think that fats are bad… they are not bad, although in our society they are deemed useless. fats are like a blanket for your entire body. it protects you from diseases and illness and also it makes sure you are more resistant against the weather. BEST ISOLATION EVER! although it has it uses, it doesn’t mean you should have have too much of it. it cause you to have a  large and slow body, also it can be cause of internal diseases ( yeh… doesn’t protect you from everything) such as heart diseases and high cholesterol which causes even more problem when you get older.


so in order to get lean and loose fat, you need to burn that stored energy. it sounds easy but how do you use that stored energy? you eat everyday just enough or even more calories to maintain your body weight. which means you don’t gain weight but you don’t loose it either. in order to loose that stored energy ( fat) your body needs the urge to burn more calories than you ate. well that is not going to happen unless you have some awesome genetics. what you can do is, eat lesser calories than you use in a day. this way your body will still want energy but it will have nothing to burn so it will use the stored energy in your body to maintain it self and you will LOOSE ALOT OF FAT!

but don’t over-do it!
you will still need a good nutrition plan and you also need a healthy low calorie diet. most people who hear about a cutting diet over-do it by eating low amount of food which will cause them to starve. at this point your body will get into a starvation mode and your body will burn just anything to maintain energy levels. this will burn a lot of muscle and doesn’t feel good, in fact its painful.

you need to cut your calories(energy levels ) in a healthy way. to do this you have to cut your calories in moderation, say around 200-400 kcal each day.

for example : someone need 2000 kcal to maintain its body weight

if this person wants to loose fat he or she will have to cut 200 to 400 kcal, which means he or she has to take 1800 to 1600 calories each day.

well this sounds easy doesn’t it? you just need to eat lesser calories to loose weight. unfortunately that’s not how it works. once you start loosing weight, you body will need lesser amount of calories to maintain itself. this means you will have to eat even lesser. after some time you will reach a point where you just cant eat lesser because  you will be hungry all the time. this limit is around 8 % body fat, for the hardcore bodybuilders its 6 %. once you have reached this level of fat , you should start bulking.

but don’t think having 8 % of body fat is easy. once you start loosing a lot of fat it gets harder to loose more!

a body with 8 % body fat

how to loose belly fat, how to loose love handles.

i hear a lot people saying “i want to loose fat on my belly” or “i want to loose my love handles”. there is no way you can intentionally burn fat on some part of your body. it is impossible. fat is one big connected organ in your body. it is made of layers of fat cells throughout your entire body, even between your toes. when you burn fat , this layers get thinner so once you start to burning fat you will burn it through your entire body. some parts of you body contains high amount of layers then the others. these body parts are love handles, belly and your thy. these parts have a hard time loosing fat because there is low blood fluctuation. this means that these parts will be the last parts of your body that will loose fat.


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