golden rules for building muscle

alright, here are some things that you must do for gaining muscle faster



if you don’t  push yourself harder you wont grow. so always train harder, pick up heavier weights then you are able to lift and try to lift them with a proper form. also train all of your muscles and do some exercises that will train more muscles at the same time like squads or dead lifts. one more thing you can do to grow is  to train single muscle group with different kind of exercises. this will cause you to train that muscle in every way possible.


2. eat lots of protein!

to maintain your body you need a lot of protein, in order to gain muscle you need even more protein! if you are trying to gain some muscle mass you need to eat 1.5 to 2.0 grams of protein for each kg of your lean body mass evenly balanced during the entire day. this will make sure that your muscles get enough nutrition to gain more mass faster


3 sleep well

in order to restore your muscles fast you must rest at least 24 to 48 hours. the more muscle you have, the more you have to rest. by resting your muscles will have time to  use nutrition to repair itself. also during your sleep you will release growth hormones that will stimulate your body to grow even more.


4 eat a lot

eat a lot of food, more than you need in a day. this way you will have enough nutrition to use it for your muscles. try to eat healthy foods with lots of protein, minerals, fibers and vitamins though. eating a lot of fa and sugars t wont make your body grow… well it will make you gain a bit more muscle maybe but you will also gain a lot fat which is not kind of thing you want. keep your food clean and healthy!


5 do compound exercises

these are exercises that train your entire body with 1 single movement. during this movement almost all of your muscles get contracted. some more then the other. good compound exercises are:



dead lifts


6 eat a lot of meat

kind of a turnoff when you are vegetarian. but if you are not, make sure you don’t miss meat such as beef and chicken breast. it contains high value of protein and also creatine and essential amino acids that are crucial to make your gain muscle. dry baked meat also contains less amount of calories and almost no fats at all so it has a very good nutrition value


7 don’t forget leg day

most people, almost everyone wont rain their legs. this is actually really bad and looks kind of stupid if you have have well trained upper with a pair of chicken legs. please, don’t do that. people will laugh at you. training your legs is actually very important because they are one of the biggest muscle group in your body which means, if you train them, they will stimulate the growth of your entire body. your body will have to urge to repair your muscle and since you have a a lot of muscles that has to be repaired because your legs have been trained too, your body will release extra amount of  growth hormones which will stimulate your body to grow even more and gain you more muscle mass.


trust me you don’t want to look like this

results of skipping leg day
or do you?

8 drink water

have i told you how important it is to drink water? yes? well let me tell you again. drinking water during your training will increase your performance by 10%. that is 1 more rep if you do 10 reps on an exercise. drinking water will also cause you to regain you  energy faster and cool off so that you can train even more in lesser amount of time.


follow these tips and you will gain muscle much faster!





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