how to know your body type

there are 3 common body types. endomorph, mesomorph, ectomorph. each of those body types has its pros and cons. most people think there is only 1 body type that aligns with them, you are always a  unique mix of more body types. some persons are between endo- and mesomorph and the others are between ecto and mesomorph.

although most people put too much emphasis on their body type, for the goals you want to achive , your body type simply doesn’t matter that much. the body type you have only changes  the way you train and the way you should eat. this will cause and ectomorph to train harder than an endomorph and an endomorph eat lesser and healthier then an ectomorph. this happens because an endomorph has a hard time loosing fat than an ectomorph and an ectomorph has a hard time gaining muscle then an endomorph.

mesomorph is a body type that has a good balance between loosing fat and gaining muscle. they are most of the time able to gain muscle faster with a lesser amount of effort then an ectomorph and loose fat faster then an endomorph. mesomorphs are those that look muscular then the other body types

endomorph                                                  mesomorph                                                      ectomorph 

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