importance of resting

Importance of resting


resting after training is crucial, no doubt about that. after having a training session your muscles get exhausted and wants to repair itself. if you do not rest properly your body will not be able to repair itself properly and the next day your muscles will be sore. this can cause you to get injury’s.


resting will cause you to regain your strength and energy faster. your muscles need around 24-48 hours to repair itself . if you train without resting properly, you muscles will get damaged even more and this will cause you to loose even more muscle. you will also loose  a lot of strength.


even king of the jungle rests

over training

over training is when you are not rested well and you train anyways. this will cause you to get very tired, fatigued and in worst case even get sick. most people overtrain because they are very motivated or they just feel like they haven’t done enough or they just don’t have enough knowledge and think they should train as much as possible. in longer term it is good to be motivated but your body must be rest properly. during your resting your body will release all kinds of hormones that will stimulate your body to grow or loose fat. over training will cause the delay of these hormones which will cause your body to stop growing and going into a survival mode. it is suggested that you should not train a single muscle group more then  once in 24 hours


even though most people will tell you to rest between 24 to 48 hours, this doesn’t have to be right for you. everyone’s  body is different and also every muscle is different. some may need to rest a little longer and some may need to rest little lesser. so keep track of how much rest you need  and make sure you rest long enough !

all you need for a healthy body




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