you may have heard of it… you may have done it without knowing it, protein diet. protein is an effective way to loose fat, preserve your muscles and maintain your muscles. the basic thing about protein diet is that you get most of your calories (70 to 90 %) from protein. this way you will maintain your body very well  specially when you are weightlifting.

loose fat with protein diet.

loosing fat with protein diet is very effective. this is because protein contains lesser amount of calories then fats and has a better effect on your body than carbs. in fact your body must put more of an effort to burn protein because it is not a main source of energy for your body. also the because protein is such a low calorie type of nutrition, you will be able to eat more eventually and feel hungry all the time like you would when you eat a lot of fat

gain muscle with protein

by now you probably know that you need protein in order to build muscle. this is what makes protein diet great if you want to build muscle. you will  be able to restore your muscles faster and easier because you are getting a high amount of protein,. this way the most of the protein will be used for your muscles and your body will use your body fat to maintain your energy levels. this effect will burn you a lot of fat and gain you muscle, in rare situations even on a high caloric deficit because it increases your protein more great thing about protein is that it has a lot of amino acids which is crucial for weightlifters

so here is the problem. it is very hard to get high amount of protein without getting carbs and fats. most food these days contains alot of carbs and fats. in order to get high amount of protein you may have to consider to eat some times of food often or maybe almost every day.

here are some foods with high value of protein

chicken breast 30 grams protein in 100 gram

fish (tuna,salmon…) 26 grams protein in 100 gram

low fat cheese 32 gram protein in 100 gram

beef(veal ) 36 grams of protein in 100 gram

tip: dont eat veal it unless you know what you are eating)

tofu 7 grams of protein in 100 gram

egg whites 13 grams of protein in 100 gram

beans 17 grams of protein in 100 grams

you may also consider taking whey protein shakes. these contain about 80 to 90 grams of protein in 100 grams. although they don’t always have a great taste but it is worth it !


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