taking supplements, when to start

alright first of all lets understand what supplements are. supplements are products that are often used by bodybuilders and fitnessers. they posses great nutritional value and are helpful to gain your goals faster. yet most people often see them as replacement for natural foods. this is not a good way to think. most supplements are made from normal food as well and will be  waste of money if you replace them with real food.


think of supplements as daily food that you eat. the only different thing is, supplements are more concentrated with valuable nutrition then normal food . this means  a lesser amount of a type of supplement has a way more valuable content then a high amount of natural foods. this is good and bad. the good thing about supplements is that they provide good amount of helpful nutrition. the bad thing is they are often tasteless or they just taste awful and they are not really healthy because some time they are overdosed by “valuable nutrition. remember, too much of anything is never good.


but by all means if you are serious about fitness you will start  to take supplements.just don’t start to take them as soon as you begin with training. if you are new to fitness and bodybuilding you should at least wait 3 months before taking any supplements. during this period your body will be very trainable and very adaptable. this will cause you to become strong without any problems. taking supplements during this period will cause your body to not work as hard as it should be and you will loose a great opportunity to get benefits from training without help


there are various types of supplements.

fat burners that will increase your ability to burn fat

power enhancers that will increase your muscle gains

pre workouts that will increase your performance during your training sessions

post workouts that will increase your healing process of your muscles and your body

nutritional supplements that will give you concentrated amount of valuable nutritions such as whey protein


some of the supplements  are based on nutrition and some of them to hormones. i recommend that people should never use supplements that affect their hormones. there is a chance that these supplements will not work for you and they may cause some damage as well


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