things you need to know about bulking

Bulking is a term of bodybuilders and fitnessers. it will  be used to inform people that they are trying to get more muscle mass. people will often try to bulk for a period of time. most common period of time to bulk is 3 to 6 month, but this is just a common set of period. the length of your bulk mainly depends on your goal and how much fat percentage you have. this is because during your bulking you will also gain fat. you will gain fat because during bulking , you must eat more calories then you burn. the first and most important  rule of bulking is



but as i said, the period of time you should bulk depends mainly of your fat percentage. bucause if you alot of fat already. you fill have no benefit of your bulk unless you are a powerlifter and you dont care about a healthy physique but a strong performance. so in order to start bulking you must first be lean(er) or pick a short period of time to bulk.


as easy as it may be sounds, bulking doesnt mean you should eat alot of food in order to gain alot of muscle mass. that is will ABSOLUTELY not happen. in order to get muscle mass you have to train alot and hard: meaning in heavy weights and or in heavy repetitions. this will cause your body to use all of the over-calories that your body does not need to maintain  itself to go to your muscles. this will evantually gain you muscle mass. this is the 2nd rule:

in order to gain muscle you must train hard and heavy, else you will just get fat!

bulking gone wrong!

dirty bulking

this is the “bad”way of bulking. in this type of bulking you just eat whatever you want in order to gain muscle. this will work if you are training hard. however this is not the best  way to bulk since you will also get alot of fat aswell. wich will take you a very long time to burn it. knowing this people will still bulk dirty because, you just can eat whatever you want. all the delicious things that your are not allowed to eat if you are trying to loose fat. but bulking like this will just make it harder for you to get a good shape and will increase the period of time of burning fat.



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