there are various types of exercises but most important of them are compound exercises and isolation exercises. each of them also have his own benefits. in order to train well, both of them must be used. this will cause you to train every muscle in your body with more expertise.

compound exercises

these exercises are mostly used by people that are trying to gain overall muscle mass. this is because compound exercises train a huge groups of muscles. training like this will gain you overall strength and functional muscle. it is very important to perform compound exercises so that your body is able to produce more strength by using more muscles at the same time. this is why compound exercises are mostly done with heavier weights.

pull ups are a  great way to train your entire back


compound exercises are very useful for burning fat and training your muscle at the same time. this is simply because during these exercises, your body uses a lot of energy to perform.  this causes you to produce more energy and burn it as well. this is the main reason that athletes are fitter then most bodybuilders, they are able to use most of their body to perform well.

the best compound exercises are




check out this awesome video to understand what am talking about!


other than that you have to do compound movements. if you don t do that  you will have a lot of unbalanced body parts which you will regret later.


Isolation exercises

now these are more advanced exercises. they are mostly used to shape muscles. like when you have a sixpack and you are convinced it should look better or it should be better defined, then you do exercises that single out your abs to fully contract them.this way your abs will get stronger and bigger. so isolation exercises are used to single out a muscle group from the other muscles in order to give them a better shape. there are a lot of isolation exercises for each muscle so you have to search them for each muscle group. isolation exercises are mostly done with not so heavy weights but with a lot of volume. isolation movements are meant  mostly for contracting the muscle with as much weight as possible. but either way contracting the muscle with the right form is way more important the amount of weight so you should mainly focus on the form and the contraction




if you want to gain size fast i would not recommend doing a lot of isolation exercises. try to focus on gaining size with training all of your muscles. when you have a trained muscular body and you want your muscles to be more defined, start focusing on isolation movements to simply improve your body shape because trying to gain muscle mass by isolation movements is a lost cause in longer term



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