types of training

they way you train is very important. in order to train you body into a healthy and a muscular shape, you have to train all of your muscles. this will cause you to gain more lean body mass. although you should never train a the same muscle group more than 3 or 2 times a week. after all your muscles needs to be repaired, in order to do this they have to rest at least 28 to 48 hours. if you do not rest enough and train with damaged muscles, you muscles will get even more damaged and that will result in mass loss.   there are various types of training. each of them has different pros and cons   training at home: training at house are for those who don’t have alot of time but wants to build a healthy body.at start training at house is not easy because for each muscle group you need different eccentric exercise but once you know what to do, it is a very healthy, easy and a rewarding way of training. also it saves alot of time.training at home does not require any equipment, although few  dumbbells and pull-up bar could be very use full. but in all meanings, training at house requires alot of body weight exercises and high intensity( alot of repetitions) which increases your flexibility and ability to use more muscles at the same time.

training at gym.
this type of training is most favored because you can mostly find very use full equipment for training pretty much any kind of muscle. also there will be alot of people that train just like you which you can share information and see how they train and how they execute exercises.
one of the best thing about training at gym is: you can train with heavy weights. training with heavy weights will cause you to gain more strength in short time and with that you will also gain more muscle in a shorter time. don’t get me wrong its not easier than training at home. you have to lift HEAVY. although i don’t think most people wouldn’t mind lifting heavy. it is the best way to gain lean body mass and IT FEELS AWESOME!

hugh jackman deadlifting



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