what is creatine

alot of people that want to build muscle know that its not easy. in order to do it you have get hurt by pushing yourself to the limits with heavy weights, heavier than you can carry. this is what makes it so hard. you have to grab a weight and lift it in right form to contract the muscle you are training with a weight that is above your limit. this is often very difficult and is called breaking the plateau. it is very hard to do it so dont feel bad if you struggle with it

luckyly there are some things you can use to make it easier such as creatine. creatine is a nutrition that is been found mostly on foods such as meat. once you get a high dose of creatine , your muscles will become stronger and you will have a higher durability. this is because it helps your muscles to perform better. one of the great effects of creatine is that it will gain you huge amount of muscle in a very short period of time. it is one of the best product you can get to build muscle.

the most concentrated for of creatine: creatine monhydrate

the most concentrated for of creatine: creatine monhydrate

creatine will give you the feeling that you are far more stronger than you are  and give you great pumps. this is because it will increase your blood fluctuations in your muscles  drasticly. this causes your body to deliver nutritions and energy faster to your muscle. you will be able to lift heavier weights than you can and make sure your muscle will be trained well.

another great effect of creatine is , once you have done training , it will feed and restore your muscles faster than usual. this is why most people use creatine in their post workouts. you will be able to absorb more valuable nutrition in a lesser amount of time.

but there is also another side of creatine. first you have to understand too much of anything is never good. creatine is a product that is been found on your body weather you pay attention or not. taking too much of it in a longer period of time will make your body immune to it. so if you use it for a long period of time , the beneficial effects will be worn away and it will become a waste of money. this is why most people will recommend you to use it only for 1 month and then take a break for a while. after using it for 1 month , you should wait at least 4 to 6 wekks to use it again. this way your body will not get used to creatine and the effects will be way more beneficial

if you are serious about your sport and performense you should use creatine. it is not dangerous or unhealthy. it is in fact a byproduct of your body. you can find creatine also in a lot of concentrated forms sold as supplements


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