lean and fit, but no visible sixpack

alright, this is a common situation for most beginners. you body might be lean and you might feel strong and you might even be in a good shape. yet most people don’t have a six pack. have you been wondering why you don’t have six pack after training for a long while? or have you been wondering why your six pack isnt showing all too good even you have a low required body fat %? well, this happens mostly because you have a bad trained body. in this topic we are going to discuss six packs but this is actually important for your entire body.

so why doesnt my sixpack show up?

in order to get a sixpack you need 2 things:
* low body fat percentage
* well trained muscles.

if you dont have these 2 aspects you will not see a sixpack, regardless of how hard you train.if you just have a low body fat % you might see your abs showing up but it wont be at its fully potential. this is what most people call skinny fat. this means that you are lean but you dont got enough muscles to define your body. this is a common situation for ectomorph bodytypes


abs-on-a-skinny-guyin order to get defined muscular abs, you have to train your abs more often and make them grow bigger.you also need to have a low body fat %.unfortunately you cant make your muscles grow while you are loosing fat,  you have to choose one of the other. if you are lean and have no defined sixpack, you should start with gaining muscle and lose fat  later. if you are fat and have some muscle, you should start with losing fat and train your muscles at the same time. by training your muscle you wont gain any muscle if you are trying to lose fat. but you will preserve as much of the muscle you currently have which is very important because most people trying to burn fat, also burn muscle. in order to prevent burning muscle, you should consume alot of protein

and above all don’t let people and advertisements fool you. getting a six pack is pretty hard and keeping it is even harder, especially when you want to have defined abs. in order to get it, you need to train hard. but more importantly , you need a GREAT diet. although don’t give up on it. having a six pack is a great feeling. it will give you a sense of accomplishment and trust me. for all the hard work… ITS WORTH IT.

and  never forget :

ITS 20% TRAINING 70 % DIET and 100% DEDICATION to your training & diet


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