carbohydrates, yes or no?

carbohydrates are one of the nutrients with 2 different effects, depending on how you get it. carbs are great source of energy. this is because you body absorbs it very fast and turns it in energy. this is what makes carbs great, they are a very fast, contain alot of energy and in most dangerous form, they are sweet! this is also the reason why you should be carefull with carbs, especially when you are trying to loose fat. when you trying to gain weight they can be very useful

when you eat carbs your body will break it down very fast and turn it into glucose.  once your body turns carbs in to glucose your body will be able to use it as energy by your muscles. this happends very fast compared to fats and protein. this effect will create insuline. insuline will increase you blood sugar and give you a peak performance.

insuline is the hormone that controls energy levels. it will provide your muscles with energy. having a lot of insuline of your body will make sure that your muscles are constantly provided with energy and other nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins. this is what makes carbs great when you are trying to build muscle. during your training you will be able to lift more weights and last longer

but if you are trying to loose fat insuline can be quite harmfull. once your blood sugar is high and your body has produced a lot of insuline, your body will become jacked, feeling like you have a lot of energy. this will increase your performance if you have to train in the next few hours. but like most people that are trying to loose fat, you will eat your meal after your workout/training to restore your muscles . if you don’t do that, you will eventually loose muscle mass along with body fat.  you must understand that your post meal( meal after workout) is very important for your body. your post meal will start your restoring process of your body so that you wont loose muscle mass as much as you would if you didn’t have a post meal at all.

but what you eat is also important! if your post meal is full of carbs , you will have almost no benefits at all, in fact you it work against you if you are trying to loose fat. remember that the hormone insuline makes your body like a very dry sponge for nutrients meaning everything you eat will be stored faster such as vitamins, fats and proteins. so once you eat carbs and rest , your body will be provided with very fast available energy that wont be used because you are at a resting state. this will cause your body to store this fast energy and eventually convert it in to fat which is very counterproductive!

different types of carbs

there are also different types of carbs. there are fast & slow carbs.

slow carbs are  carbs that are not easly turned in to glucose. it takes a longer time to turn slow carbs into glucose which makes it more beneficial energy will in crease your blood sugar on a lower level so that your insuline output will be reduced slightly in to a longer period of time. this will cause you to get the same fast energy with a less harmful side effects of insulin making your body a sponge for nutrition. so you can eat slow carbs at a rested state and it wont do any or much  damage to your fat loss state. slow carbs are foods such as bread, spaghetti, rice and pretty much anything that inst based on sugar.

fast carbs are the most dangerous ones. they contain alot of energy in small portions and will increase your blood sugar on a significant levels and will make a lot of insulin. this will cause your body to just absorb anything that you eat such as fats and protein. this will cause you to gain fat in a very fast pace… which is good if you are bulking. but if your are trying to loose fat, it is very bad of a deal and you should avoid it 100%.because it is a very high value of energy in small portions your blood sugar will increase very fast and drop very fast as well, causing you to not feel hungry for a brief moment and once you blood sugar is dropped to normal levels, you will have the feeling like you haven’t eaten anything at all. fast carbs are carbs that foods as candy, fruit, chocolate, and pretty much anything that is based on sugar although eating fruit is not a bad thing, just make sure you don’t eat too much of it

but by all means don’t think that carbohydrates are bad, they are in fact very good and shouldn’t be isolated from a healthy diet plan. my advice is eat them but don’t eat too much of it, especially fast carbs such as sugar. they contain very low nutritional value and are what we call “empty calories” because they usually have no benefit at all.



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