building muscle while losing fat

it is somewhat of a myth, building muscle mass while loosing fat. it sounds like you are converting fat in to muscle, which unfortunately doesn’t work that way. some people will say that it is impossible and some will say that it is possible. you shouldn’t believe them as long as they can prove it by facts! in my opinion it is possible to do it but you have to have some luck and a great body to succeed at it. and think about it, if you are able to do this, your muscle gains will be minuscule and so will your fat loss because your body will have to do a lot of effort to keep them both at same level. this is what makes it less beneficial in short term period and more beneficial in a longer  period of time. so yes , it is possible, but it  is just not the best way to gain muscle or loose fat and you might even not be able to do it. in my opinion you should stick to losing fat or gaining muscle instead of doing them both at the same time.

so why is it so hard?

think about it, you will be able to gain strength , meaning you will be able to lift more while you are losing fat. in a other thread we have told you that in order to gain muscle you have to eat more calories in a day to gain muscle and to lose fat you will have to eat lesser amount calories then you need in a day. as you can see, they are counterproductive to each other. so in order to get the results that you desire, you will have to gain strength while you eat lesser then you need in a day. in other words, almost everything that you eat will and must be used for your muscles. unfortunately your body doesn’t work that way, at least not yet. you will have to teach your body to this. in order to do this, you need be strict! this is what makes it so difficult and it is understandable if you are not able to do it. most people are not able to do it. and don’t trust those programs that are promising results beyond your imagining. most people that are able to gain muscle and loose fat and are selling “get lean “& muscular in 90 days” programs are either relying on genetics or are cheating to sell their program. if it was so easy, everyone around you would be lean and muscular and walk around with a huge six pack  don’t you think?

but considering that it is possible( yes it is !) i am going to explain how to do it. in order to do it , you will have to pay attention to a lot of things:
* diet
* exercise
* supplementation
* strict habits ( eating and exercising)


your diet must be perfect. to gain muscle while you are loosing fat, the nutritional value of your meals must be perfectly balanced. not more then you need nor lesser then you need. this is what bodybuilders call, “hitting your macros” . it means that you exactly know how much % of each nutrition your body needs, like 2200 of the calories you need in a day must exist 50% from protein 20% from dietary fat and 30 % from carbs. keep in mind that these numbers vary by the way you train. you also need to have right amount of vitamins and minerals each day to function properly so you might consider taking supplements in order to maintain your functionality. this may sound easy but in order to hit your macros and stay in the right amount of kcal means that you have to eat meals that are very healthy. only kinds of foods that contains a lot of nutritional value and are low calories are vegetables. so you need to eat a lot of vegetables!

not a bad deal if you ask me

not a bad deal if you ask me


the way you train, the weights,speed, resting the way you execute an exercise… Its all IMPORTANT. first of all let me clear this out. in order to gain muscle while you are losing fat you have to understand how you loose fat. normal people that are trying to loose fat( without gaining muscle) have 2 options to lose fat:

increase the amount of energy consumed by your body exercising and other activities

decreasing amount of food  you eat

unfortunately you can’t do that because you need the right amount of nutrition. so there is one way to loose fat, by the way you train. there is a training method called super sets. this way of training causes you to get increased heart rate which gives you the sensation of doing cardio. using this method will train you muscles while you are burning fat because you will be training your muscles while your heart rate is at his very peaks. this is different then intensive cardio because you will bring right amount of damage to the muscle you want to train instead of focusing fully on a single muscle like you would do on cardio( your legs). with the right nutrition is this the best and most efficient way to train. one more thing, IT SAVES A LOT OF TIME. so you wont need to spend countless hours training in a day. don’t think its easy though, you have to do a lot in a small period of time


TDEE is Total Daily Energy Expenditure meaning, how much energy do i need in a day. this is very important and this will decide how much you eat every day.lets say you need 2000 kcal today to gain muscle while you are loosing fat. you have to eat exactly this amount of calories to achieve your goals, not more and not less. and if you truly build muscle while you are losing fat you will get leaner because you will loose fat faster then you build muscle. once you get leaner your body will need lesser amount of energy so you will eventually have to eat lesser amount of calories each day. this means your TDEE changes every day and you should calculate it every day or else you might consume wrong amount of calories. so you should track your statistics each and every day!


in order to achieve you goals you might use some help called supplements. you dont have to but if you do it makes your bumpy ride less of a pain. there are alot of supplements so i will only focus on protein shakes. lets say that you ate your meals but you still haven’t hit all your macros like you still need some protein. natural foods mostly contain a small amount of every nutrition meaning that you will also get some cabs and fats while you are trying to get the right amount of protein. this is what makes supplements like protein shakes great. they have a concentrated amount of nutrition, in this case protein, in a small amount of food without any fats or carbs. this makes it very easy to hit your macros and is a great way to get the right amount of nutrition!!!

strict habits!

in order to do this, you need to have strict habits. you have to be very disciplined. you have to know exactly what to eat each meal and when to eat. your body mustget used to a rhythm so it can adjust itself to it. and unbalanced lifestyle will cause your body to behave different than it should. this is exactly what you need to avoid. get yourself a lifestyle with the same rhythm and hold it. it may take some time to get used to it but in the end you will get used to it and you will achieve your goals. this goes mainly for eating habits because we cant abandon our works and duty’s so we never can get to our fully potential. but try to do it as much as possible!


yes it is possible to  loose fat while gaining muscle but you shouldn’t focus on it when you have just began with fitness and bodybuilding. get educated and experienced first. once you have a good amount of experience with both your training and the way your body works, try it out. it is very beneficial.

so to sum it op gaining muscle while you are losing fat is a long term plan and shouldn’t be your main focus if your goals is to get a great body.this is mean for people that are really dedicated to fitness and bodybuilding.


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